Saturday, 1 March 2008


1000 runs
900 runs Captain Condom,
800 runs Crusha, Can't Stop, Herr Flick
700 runs Portholes, Snack Bar, Growler, Trust Me, Prick It,
600 runs Pee Wee, Goblet, Pole Dancer, Red Dress, Scrotum,
500 runs Dirty Dero Dave, Swallow, Pork Sword, Spoof, Hands On Big Hairy Balls, Neutron Piss, Satin
450 runs Banger Dan, Chris Miss, Jack Sh!t, Grizzly, Lone Arranger,
400 runs Hamburglar, Cereal Box, 
350 runs Argue, Buddha, Drawbridge,
300 runs Pullit, Psycho Sally, Wee Bev, Dodi, Zero, Bloody Mary, TopDek, Just Once, Nancy Boy,
250 runs Sticky Mickey, Sweet Cheeks, Tit's A Plenty,  Bucket, Morticia, Arse Cutter, Brazilian, TPOT, Twinkle Toes, Yeti,
200 runs  Yes Please, Thunderbox, Chockablock, Wet n Wobbly, Back Alley, Third Time Lucky, Hi Ho, Clearfell, Cumming Soon, Grass Roots, Krankcase,
150 runs Wrinkle, Tits Up, Eager, Barbie's Chatterbox, Smallgoods, Milky Bar, Mt Carmel, Fawlty, Dog Sh!t, Sweet FA, Scary Eyeball, Cant Run, Dyke, In The Raw,
100 runs A Bit of This, Centrefold, Ribald, Rootless, Dirty Patti, Thrillseeker, Sh!t Loads, Sugar Babe, Tight Spot, Short Circuit, Snyphilis, Arsenist, Blood Sucking Bitch
50 runs Vegie, Mortein, Souvenir, Defurred, Gap Filler, Sonar, Aa Soo, Discount, Arse About, Magpie, Derbs,  Jim Beam, Didn't Do It, Spread Easy,   KKK, Splash Back, Love Shack, Azaria, Bugger Off, Geeveston Fanny, Love Shack, Grease Nipple, Rootarua, Johnny Fuckacarcus

If you know of other Achievements make a comment and we will adjust as soon as possible.