Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Monday, 22 April 2019

Chardonnay's Hareless Run

R#n No. 1132 Thursday 25th April 2019

Location:Wagon & Horses Hotel, North Hobart(Click on this link for directions)

The Hare: Brazilian and Grease Nipple has been nominated  to do the r#n & skol report.

Cost: $20 Food Provided –  


Time: 6:30pm for the 6:31pm start.


Dyke's Hash Trash is attached for your optional usage


Chardonnay blog site:


Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Chardonnay's Pole Dancers & Playboy Bunnies (Easter) Run

Chardonnay HHH (CH3)

R#n No. 1131 Thursday 18th April 2019

Location: 2 Alroy Court, Rosetta. (Click this link for directions).

The Hare: Pole Dancer and Argue has been nominated (again, if he can be bothered to turn up the lazy, unreliable t*#!) to do the r#n & skol report

Cost: $15 Food Provided –  


Time: 6:30pm for the 6:31pm start.


Dyke's Hash Trash is attached for your optional usage


Chardonnay blog site:


Saturday, 13 April 2019

Updated blog page

I can see the chardy page has been updated, but where has the strava info gone? How do you expect one to keep abreast of others accolades in the running/walking world if one can no longer strava stalk!! Not happy Jan!

On On Chris Miss

Friday, 12 April 2019

Thursday, 21 May 2009


Chardonnay is now available on Facebook. Click on the link below.

Chardonnay Facebook

Saturday, 1 March 2008


1000 runs
900 runs Captain Condom, Crusha
800 runs Can't Stop, Herr Flick, Snack Bar, Growler
700 runs Portholes, Trust Me, Prick It,
600 runs Pee Wee, Goblet, Pole Dancer, Red Dress, Scrotum, Pork Sword,
500 runs Dirty Dero Dave, Swallow, Spoof, Hands On Big Hairy Balls, Neutron Piss, Satin
450 runs Banger Dan, Chris Miss, Jack Sh!t, Grizzly, Lone Arranger,
Softy, Cereal Box,
400 runs Hamburglar, Argue, Buddha, Drawbridge, TopDek,
350 runs Wee Bev, Nancy Boy,
300 runs Pullit, Psycho Sally,  Dodi, Zero, Bloody Mary Just Once, Tit's A Plenty, Brazilian, Morticia,TPOT
250 runs Sticky Mickey, Sweet Cheeks, Bucket, Arse Cutter, Twinkle Toes, Yeti, Clearfell,
200 runs  Yes Please, Thunderbox, Chockablock, Wet n Wobbly, Back Alley, Third Time Lucky, Hi Ho, Cumming Soon, Grass Roots, Krankcase, Scary Eyeball
150 runs Wrinkle, Tits Up, Eager, Barbie's Chatterbox, Smallgoods, Milky Bar, Mt Carmel, Fawlty, Dog Sh!t, Sweet FA, Cant Run, Dyke, In The Raw, Blood Sucking Bitch, Arsenist, A Bit of This,
100 runs  Centrefold, Ribald, Rootless, Dirty Patti, Thrillseeker, Sh!t Loads, Sugar Babe, Tight Spot, Short Circuit, Snyphilis, Grease Nipple,
50 runs Vegie, Mortein, Souvenir, Defurred, Gap Filler, Sonar, Aa Soo, Discount, Arse About, Magpie, Derbs,  Jim Beam, Didn't Do It, Spread Easy,   KKK, Splash Back, Love Shack, Azaria, Bugger Off, Geeveston Fanny, Love Shack,  Rootarua, Johnny Fuckacarcus, Jaffa, Sure Can,

If you know of other Achievements make a comment and we will adjust as soon as possible.

Thursday, 1 November 2007

Committee Position Guidelines

Grand Master - This is a Honourary position and should be given in recognition of the contribution that this person has made to Chardonnay. The Grand Master is the figurehead of the club and only guides the JMs if necessary.

A GM should be a Chardonnay hasher who has achieved over 200 runs and has been active over the previous year.

Joint Masters - These two hashers are responsible for running the club for the following year and selecting the incumming committee. These hashers are responsible for organising , the Highland Fling, Christmas Run, The AGPU and other major milestone runs.

On Sec - This hasher is responsible for the weekly production of the Hash Trash, either by electronic or printed production.

Hash Cash - This Hasher has the responsibility of collecting monies from Hashers on a weekly basis. This Hasher also pays the bills, food, grog etc. All monies going in and out are to be accounted for. This Hasher also keeps tabs on run numbers, individually, for the club and badging. Badges are then given to the Grand Master to present when milestones are achieved.

Hash Lips - These people are responsible for running the Hash Circle. They highlight events on the run or humourous events involving hashers during the week. They are to be mindful of Chardonnay tradition and insist that all skols should be of cheap wine and the black box should be in use for milestones and major misdemeanours. Above all else they should make us laugh and sing, and should be given respect during the Hash Circle.

Trail Master - This Hasher is responsible for the organising of hares for weekly runs. This Hasher should also ensure that the hasher setting the run knows what they are doing. It is not acceptable just to organise who sets the run. One should consider varied terrain to run in, and using experienced Hares to help guide newer members when setting runs. The setting of a good trail is the most important part of a Hash event.

Hash Horn - Is about being loud on the run so that the slower runners can hash and catch up. The Horn should not be squeezed when not on trail. This hasher should not hash, but try to stay near the middle of the pack so that others may benefit from sounding of the horn.

Hash Flash - This Hasher has the responsibility of taking photos of hash activities during the run and the lip session, later uploading them to Chardonnay's Picasa web albums.

Web Wanker - Is responsible for the maintaining of Chardonnay Web activities, posting of photo's for Web access. Current Web activities are Facebook Group and Chardonnay Blog.