Monday, 28 February 2011

Chardonnay's Iconic 2011 Nash Hash Run

The Chardonnay team has successfully completed there Iconic Nash Hash Run. With the assistance of Chris Miss, Hamburglar, Softy, A Bit Of This, Psycho, Red Dress, Prickit, Goblet, That Prick Over There, Dirty Dero Dave, Jack Sh#t, Nuetron Piss, Top Dek, Aa Soo, Pullit, Grass Roots, Arse Cutter, Magpie, Scrotum and Dodi this Nash Hash Run did the Chardonnay Club extremely proud.

All members of this team performed the allocated tasks in a positive and a helpful manner and all visitors were very satisfied. With Cameo performances from Herr Flick and Grizzly during the lip sessions the day went of without a blemish.

I would like to personally and publicly thank all of the above mentioned hashers for their endevors on the day. I would also like to that the support that was provided from the Nash Hash Organising Committee. Chardonnay is a great club and the traditions that Chardonnay has developed need to be preserved and were clearly a stand out during the Lip Session.

Thank You

On On Captain Condom


Herr Flick said...

Well done Captain & well done everyone at Chardonnay.
We have trully cum of age since our birth pre Interhash 2000.
Aussie Nash Hash 2011 was a major success with a very high volunteer input from Chardonnay H3.
We drank all the beer & we'll do it all again !

Anonymous said...

and don't forget Grizzly on the bar doing his RSA bit

Anonymous said...

You truly need to use your spell checkers boys!!!

Mistress Dini said...

Well done Captain and Crew for having the confidence to persevere with this r*n, the merits of which some others did not see - but just perfect for our visiting hashers.